Hardware Wallet for Cryptocurrencies

Objective:  To build a hardware wallet which fulfill following key objectives:

  • Easy to carry, use, secure, recover, distribute

  • Onboard last person of society

  • Never carry all your money

  • Separate preloaded devices for each member in family or organization

  • Lightning Network support for daily transactions

  • Separate wallet for different class of transactions

  • Support watch only addresses for receive only purpose

Current Problems and solutions: 

Problem 1: Current design is to have a single hardware wallet with all of the bitcoins in it. This is not how a person should hold his money/wealth.

Solution: Our design can maintain multiple wallets each with specific purpose and can be classified into following:

  • Watch only wallets for saving. Private keys of such wallets are not known to the wallet device.

  • Lightning wallets for instant payment.

  • Separate wallet for specific classes of expenditures

  • Preloaded wallets for distributing among family members or employees in organization.

Problem 2: Current wallets looks like hardware wallets and so owners of these wallets can become potential target of robbery.


Solution: Our device is indistinguishible to USB pen drive. We think Bitcoin is needed by the most isolated and oppressed people which are also greatest risk of being attacked by authoratarian state, extremists and criminals. 

Problem 3: Current wallets are difficult to setup and use as they have few buttons on wallet device which can only be used for all operations.

Solution: Our device uses bluetooth and mobile app which can perform all operations.

Problem 4: Current devices have vendor lockin as firmwares are proprietary. If the company gets bankrupt the coins can become difficult to retrieve without the help of experts.

Solution: We generate private keys and addresses through an open source software which gives option to move to other wallets.

Components: Hardware wallet will consist of 4 components:

  1. User holds 24-word mnemonic code

  2. Bluetooth based cryptocurrency Authenticator which is indistinguishible to pen drive

  3. Mobile phone wallet App

  4. Offline HD Wallet generator

AWS Project

Title: Automatic loading of JSON file from  S3 to DynamoDB using Lambda function

Objective:  To create a presentation demonstrating automatic loading of JSON file from S3 to DynamoDB. Also setup CloudWatch and required AIM Role and Policies.

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