Our Expertise

I have worked with multiple multi-national companies in the field of Data Ingestion, Data Engineering, Data Visualization, DevOps, Serverless autoscaling architecture for multiple environments integrating on-premises and cloud services, and Cryptocurrency.

My consultancy service ranges from providing engineering guidelines, taking up short engineering projects, or having long-term engagement involving software design, architecture, development, and maintenance.
Software Design and Architecture
Development and Maintenance
Cloud Integeration

I understand customer requirements, engage with them to demonstrate Prototype of solutions, finalize the timeline, development methodologies and take up short-term or long-term projects which involves Software Architecture, Design, and Development.

I have a deep understanding of Linux, internet technologies, data technologies, and cloud infrastructure which helps me design and architect more efficient solutions in both time and effort. 

I have extensive experience in product development. I have worked on multiple programming languages such as C, C++, Java, and Python.


I have developed services on multi-cloud involving AWS and Azure and AWS and IBM Cloud. 

I am also AWS Certified Big Data Specialist and have designed and developed client projects at IBM using multiple AWS services. I am also IBM certified Cloud Application Developer and have worked with multiple client projects involving IBM cloud services.


As a Big Data expert, I have worked with multi-channel disparate data sources to perform Complex Event Processing, create State-Machine, Flow-control, build graphical relationships, and visualized data. 

As a Cloud Engineer, I have automated infrastructure and application migration to cloud platforms and automated data ingestion. I have performed DevOps tasks such as Continuous Integration and Continuous Development involving automation of builds and deployment using tools such as Docker and AWS Build pipeline. I have also performed operations at all zones of Data Lake. I have also used the AWS cloud platform to setup on cloud infrastructure. I have also used the AWS cloud platform for Big Data transformations and Analysis.

My 20+ years of experience and having worked closely with the development team and having experience with a range of tools and technologies as a whole gives me the ability to follow best practices and swift problem-solving ability.

I have intensive experience in the AWS cloud platform with additional experience in IBM Cloud and Azure Cloud. 

I have performed Application deployment, infrastructure creation, Continuous Integration, and Deployment, Big Data Engineering, and Data Modeling on Cloud platforms.

I have also worked on integrated Cloud infrastructure with On-Premises services using Load Balancer, VPN services, AWS SDK, API Gateway, and Database Migration Services.

I have used Terraform and CloudFormation for services creation, EC2, and Fargate for deployment infrastructure setup, Code pipeline for Continuous Integration and Deployment, Azure Data Factory, and Data Flow and AWS Glue for Big Data transformations, Redshift for Data analytics, and DynamoDB for real-time transactions.

Data Engineering
Distributed Ledger Technology

I have worked with multi-channel disparate data sources to perform Complex Event Processing, build multi-level State-Machines, perform Data Integration, build Graphical relationships and build visualizations.

I have also performed Big Data transformations on AWS and Azure cloud.

I have AWS certification in Big Data Speciality.

I have worked with multiple Big Data tools and technologies. I have used ingestion tools such as Kafka and InfoSphere Streams.

I have also worked with Glue Crawler, Glue Catalog, Athena, and Redshift Spectrum to query and catalog multi-format data lake data.


I have also worked on transformation tools such as Spark and Glue ETC. 


I have worked on Data Warehouse tools such as Hive and AWS Redshift. 


I have worked on No-SQL OLTP databases such as HBase, Cassandra, and DynamoDB. No-SQL document database such as  Cloudant DB. In memory No-SQL database Redis.


I have built graphical relationships using a Graph database called Neo4J.


I have used tools such as Grafana, Prometheus, Elastic search & Kibana for Big Data Visualization.

I have a deep understanding of modern development methodologies and the use of technologies to achieve that.

I have used the docker framework, Jenkins, Version control systems, and Cloud infrastructure to achieve Continuous Integration and Deployment involving multi-stage pipelines.​

I have also used Cloud Formation and Terraform for services creation, Jenkins, AWS CodeBuild, and CodeDeploy for build and deployment automation, and EC2 for a deployment infrastructure.

I have a protocol-level understanding of Proof-of-work cryptocurrencies. I am currently working on a simple-to-use Hardware wallet using off-the-shelf hardware.

I am presently writing a college-level textbook on Bitcoin.